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midi interfaces (channel switches) for amps

External midi interfaces for most guitar amps, especially for Mesa Boogie amps

Midi interface for Mesa Boogie amps. Roadking, Roadster, Nomad, Mark V:35, etc
Mesa:120 EUR
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shipping to EU: ~15 EUR

Midi amp channel switch. Helix - Mesa wiring Midi amp channel switch. Helix - Mesa example wiring Randall midi switch

If your guitar amp is not equipped with a midi interface and you need this feature, you could use external midi interface / switcher .

Just connect it into footswitch socket and to your midi controller. Then you can switch your amp by sending midi commands.
The MESA Boogie interface supports Roadking, Roadster, Mark V, Mark V:35, Nomad and so on. Also available interfaces for many different amps.

Features at a glance:

  • PC and CC commands
  • small size metal case
  • powering from amp or from external power supply
  • configurable midi channel
  • replace original footswitch with this midi interface
  • no latency
  • very low power

Download operation manual for Mesa V:35

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Midi (expression) interface for 2 analog pedals.

If you need midi expression pedal you can modify any pasive pedal ( also volume pedal ). If you don't want it you can use standalone external midi interface for any 2 pasive pedals.
Just connect your pedal into our exp2midi interface. So you have now midi expression output.

exp2midi interfaceexp2midi interface
110 EUR

shipping to EU:~10 EUR

You can convert 2 any analog pedals to midi expression pedals.

Features at a glance

  • 2 independent analog IN channels
  • switchable logarithmic or linear characteristic
  • Control Change messages
  • 9VDC, low power
  • lightweight aluminium case, 55 x 50 x 35 mm
  • easy of use